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At Creaciones Fejomi, S.L. we pride ourselves on our attention to detail in our wish to provide complete satisfaction to our customers, and for this we only use top quality noble materials in the manufacture of the collections that comprise our catalogue.


In our desire to produce the most elegant furniture possible, we use such timbers as beech, cotibé or oak, and combine them with roots of kingwood, olive, sage, orange and american walnut.
If we add sand cast bronze adornments from our own vast collection of patterns and the collaboration of the several casting companies with whom we work, the result is a unique and unrepeatable work of art, finished with the care of our master cabinetmakers.
For more than thirty years we have maintained an artisan style and a manufacturing craftsmanship while constantly seeking new ways to improve the quality of our furniture.

We sincerely believe that this effort and dedication enables us to achieve the distinction of quality and elegance in all the products which carry the seal of Creaciones Fejomi, S.L.