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Noble wood, select metal plates, exclusive marquetry and founded bronze made our family of Frenchstyled furniture genuinely different.

A lineage dating back to more than twenty years ago.

Two decades of total fidelity to a completely artisan method that takes absolute care of every single detail. A process in wich skilful hands mould noble materials until they create pieces of the highest quality.

Which the seal of an unmistakable beauty and desing most close to perfection. This is our philosophy and this is the result: a wrll-bred piece of fruniture.

FEJOMI, furniture craftsmanship

 Pol.Ind El Pla Parcela 36 A
 46290 - Alcasser (Valencia) SPAIN
 Tfn: +34 96 122 12 48 - Fax: +34 96 123 50 16
E-mail: fejomi@creacionesfejomi.com